i Free Plan


  • Daily Limit : 4 PTC
  • Referral Bonus : Upto 1 Level
  • Plan Price : 0.00 USD
  • Validity : 2 Days

Pro 1

i Pro Plan


  • Daily Limit : 8 PTC
  • Referral Bonus : Upto 2 Level
  • Plan Price : 60.00 USD
  • Validity : 60 Days

Pro 3

i Pro Plan


  • Daily Limit : 70 PTC
  • Referral Bonus : Upto 3 Level
  • Plan Price : 500.00 USD
  • Validity : 70 Days

Frequently Asked Question

PTCWorld is a Paid to Click (PTC) online platform that offers users the opportunity to earn money by clicking on advertisements. Advertisers pay the PTCWorld website to display their ads, and users get paid a small amount for each ad they view.

To start earning on a PTCWorld website, you need to sign up for an account. Once registered, log in to your account and navigate to the "PTC" section. Click on the available ads and stay on the advertiser's page for the specified duration to earn the designated amount.

The earnings per click can vary based on the PTC website and the specific ad. Typically, the payout for clicking on an ad ranges from a few fractions of a cent to a 50 cents.

Yes, PTCWorld offers referral programs, allowing you to earn additional income by referring friends or others to the platform. You'll receive a commission based on the referrals' earnings or activities on the website.

You can enhance your earnings on a PTC website by upgrading your membership plan. Upgrading unlocks additional benefits, such as an increased daily limit of PTCs (Paid to Clicks) that you can view. With a higher daily limit, you'll have more opportunities to click on ads and boost your earnings substantially.

Our payment methods include Tether(USDT) cryptocurrency in different networks. The minimum payout threshold is $5.

To maximize your earnings, be consistent in clicking on available ads daily. Additionally, refer friends and acquaintances to the platform to take advantage of the referral program.

We may use cookies or any other tracking technologies when you visit our website, including any other media form, mobile website, or mobile application related or connected to help customize the Site and improve your experience. learn more